Our Device

Innovative Cervical Dilator Device

The Aqueduct device combines the advantages of rods dilation and Laminaria and enables radial dilation (as with laminaria) within minutes (as with Hegar’s rods).

Competitive advantages:

•  Easy to operate and fast dilation procedure: Provides gradual and uniform dilation to a predetermined diameter within minutes.

•  Increases the accuracy and safety of the procedure: Eliminates dilation failure

•  Single act of insertion through the cervix: Reduces the risk of infection, perforation, and cervical incompetence.

•  Reduction of need for local or general anesthesia.

Clinical study – Human trials in a leading Spanish research and medical center, Hospital General Santa María del Puerto Cádiz. In all cases, the cervices were successfully dilated to the desired diameter in the targeted length of time.
The doctors expressed their satisfaction from the performance of the device, simplicity and short duration of the process.
Intellectual property – PCT application filled covering catheter’s innovating dilation method

CE Notified body #0459

Certification #30642

FDA Cleared- K160664